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Are you looking for a fresh fragrance? Eternity Air is the new signature of CALVIN KLEIN’s ETERNITY collection!


The business woman and digital influencer Helena Bordon has tried it and immediately fell in love with! The fragrance structure has those contrasts based on an unusual blend of natural airy and energetic sensations.

Eternity Air encapsulates the essence of sensuality and the eternal love!


Find out about the details of the notes:
– Top ones: mandarin orange, juniper berries, sea notes,
ozonic notes.
– Mid ones: lavender, green apple, voilet leaf.
– End ones: seaweed, patchouli, ambergris.


Smell it and feel this relaxed sensation! This new fragrance was made for special women!

Follow its updates at @CALVINKLEIN and #CKETERNITY 😉


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